Outbreak 2014 : Guinea

From the latest WHO Ebola Response Roadmap Update:

  • There were 3 confirmed cases of Ebola virus disease (EVD) reported in the week to 9 August: 2 in Guinea and 1 in Sierra Leone. The total number of confirmed cases for the previous week (week to 2 August) has been revised up from 2 to 3, after one confirmed case from Tonkolili in Sierra Leone was added retrospectively. Case incidence has been below 10 confirmed cases per week for 3 consecutive weeks, but there remains a significant risk of further transmission and an increase in case incidence in the near and medium term. Only 1 of the 3 cases reported in the week to 9 August was a registered contact, but was lost to follow-up and has generated multiple high-risk contacts in several health facilities in Conakry. The detection by post-mortem testing of a confirmed case with a possible link to an unsafe burial in the Moussayah sub-prefecture of Forecariah, Guinea, suggests that transmission may have gone undetected in the community. In addition, a new confirmed case in the Sierra Leonean capital Freetown has generated a number of high-risk contacts. Over 1600 contacts remain under observation across 4 prefectures in Guinea and 2 districts in Sierra Leone; compared with over 1800 contacts across 5 prefectures and 4 districts in the previous week.
  • Of the 2 confirmed cases reported from Guinea in the week to 9 August, one arose from an unknown source of infection and one was a registered contact who was lost to follow-up. The case reported from Forecariah was identified after post-mortem testing of a community death in the sub-prefecture of Moussayah. Preliminary investigations suggest that the case is linked to attendance of the unsafe burial of a family member who is thought to have died with symptoms compatible with EVD. The other case was reported from the Ratoma area of the capital, Conakry. The case is a registered contact of a known chain of transmission, but was lost to follow-up, and visited several health facilities throughout Conakry whilst symptomatic before being identified as EVD-positive. Many of the high-risk contacts identified in association with the case are health workers. 927 contacts remain under follow-up in 4 western prefectures in Guinea, compared with 1080 in 5 prefectures the previous week. Over half (55%) of all contacts are located in Forecariah, with 40% located in Conakry.
  • No new cases were reported from Liberia in the week to 9 August. All contacts in Liberia have now completed their 21-day follow-up period. The last 2 patients with EVD in Liberia were discharged after completing treatment and testing negative for EVD for a second time on 23 July.
  • The single confirmed case in Sierra Leone was reported from Freetown (Western Area Urban), and is linked to a branch of the Western Area Urban chain of transmission. The case is an 8 month-old female who had onset of symptoms on 4 August, and who was admitted to Ola During Children’s Hospital in Freetown on 6 August with fever, vomiting, and diarrhoea. A total of 29 high-risk contacts have been identified so far, 24 of whom are currently in voluntary quarantine. A total of 694 contacts remain under follow-up in Sierra Leone, compared with 811 the previous week. The vast majority of contacts, 638, are located in Tonkolili (associated with the case reported in the week ending 26 July), with the remaining 56 located in Freetown.
  • For the second consecutive week no health worker infections were reported from any of the affected countries. There have been a total of 880 confirmed health worker infections reported from Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone since the start of the outbreak, with 512 reported deaths.